terça-feira, 29 de maio de 2018

The Quest - Without Lies


Living in a world made of your own illusions
Created by your childish mind
You’re lacking common sense or absolutly all innocence

When you make a promise do you really believe
That you’ll keep it ‘till the end, ‘till everything is said and done
You know you won’t

You also know that it’s not right and you don’t mind

And you keep lying and deceiving cause you’re scared to say
What you feel,you fall in despair, you cannot pretend that it feels right
When you can´t even look at the face in the mirror

So try to get it all out now, without adding one letter to the story

And say it out, without lies
Just do what’s right, without lies
So why don’t you try to speak the truth for once
And why don’t you say it without lies

When you lay down on the bed that you’re making
There’s nothing that you can do to take back what you’ve done
Oh yes you knew that it was all wrong
I’m no one to tell you how you should live life
And you will have to be the one to realise
To feel remorse inside

And still you know that it’s not right and you don’t mind

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